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Acupuncture Treatments
promotes well-being and treats illnesses

Treatments improves
flow of energy (Qi).

Using specific meridian points

Dr Yuan

Specialist in Acupuncture &
Oriental medicine

Latest News

    • 02 MAY 13
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    Pets may reduce risk of heart disease

    Owning pets is associated with reducing your risk of heart disease . There are a variety of reasons that may be at work that influence this relationship. It may be that healthier people are more likely to be pet owners or that people with dogs tend to exercise more. Pets also play a role in providing

    • 16 OCT 14
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    Other TCM therapies

    Gua Sha Gua Sha scraping sha-bruises, is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped using smooth tool to stimulate blood flow and healing. Gua shais sometimes referred to as “spooning” or “coining”. Gua sha translates directly from Chinese as, “to scrape away fever.” Traditional Chinese Medicine has long believed illnesses such as colds

    • 30 JUL 15
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    Master Acupunture- New Acupunture Clinic in Hamilton

    Master Acupuncture Clinic is  a new Acupuncture Clinic specialise in Holistic wellness through Acupuncture treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). We are an ACC provider is located on 750 Victoria Street, Hamilton. Acupuncturist:  Tom Tang Pictured left to right: Master Tom Tang and Dr John Yuan Master Tom Tang has been working with Dr John Yuan in

    • 24 NOV 15
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    Hyperplasia of mammary gland causing breast lumps

    The mammary gland is a gland located in the breasts of females that is responsible for lactation, or the production of milk.   Both males and females have glandular tissue within the breasts; however, in females the glandular tissue begins to develop after puberty in response to estrogen release. Mammary glands only produce milk after