• Hay Fever Treatments by Acupuncture

    In Chinese medicine, allergies to pollen, animal fur, household dust, cosmetics, and so on; are usually all due to the same underlying cause, which is a weakness in the functioning of the kidneys and spleen.

    To give the best diagnosis, I would assess a patience pulse and observe colour and coating of one’s tongue. This is to traditional and natural way to determine what functional state is the internal organs. Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) philosophy is to observe functions (including physical, mental, and emotional functions) which have not so far been identified by disciplines that rely on the “inside-out” approach.

    The important role that our kidneys play in our “immunity” is one of these functions, as is the tendency to be fearful and to have a weak short-term memory when your kidney function is weak.

    Childhood Hay Fever

    If a person has suffered hay fever from childhood, this would usually indicate that they were born with “Kidney Deficiency” (which is the term used for this syndrome in Chinese medicine). This might be because one or both of their parents were “getting on a bit” when the child was conceived; or that they were younger but had Kidney Deficiency themselves (possibly due to extended overworking) and they simply passed this on to the child.

    When a young child has Kidney Deficiency, they may also be prone to asthma (if the asthma is of the type where it’s difficult to breath in, which is also caused by Kidney Deficiency).


    Hay Fever experience at Adulthood

    If the hay fever has developed later in life, the Kidney Deficiency may be due to a number of possible causes.

    This could be overworking for extended periods; driving yourself too hard; being used to “running on adrenaline”; being subject to fear for an extended period, or simply suffering a deeply fearful event. For women, it could possibly be due to difficult child birthing experiences.


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