• 24 SEP 14

    How Does Acupuncture Work

    Acupuncture  has been an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  for thousands of years in the East.  An acupuncture therapy aims to  restore the healthy circulation of blood and life energy, also known as ‘Qi’

    The body contains two opposing forces: yin and yang. When these forces are in balance, the body is healthy. Energy, called “qi” (pronounced “chee”), flows like rivers along pathways, or meridians, throughout the body. This constant flow of energy keeps the yin and yang balanced. However, the flow of energy can sometimes be blocked, like water getting stuck behind a dam. A disruption in the flow of energy can lead to illness.

    There are approximately 2,000 different acupuncture points lie along the body’s meridians. An acupuncture therapy stimulates these points with acupuncture needles and relieves obstructions in the flow of energy, enabling the body to heal.

    In the Western view, acupuncture likely works by stimulating the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to release chemicals called neurotransmitters and hormones. These chemicals dull pain, boost the immune system and regulate various body functions.