• 18 NOV 14

    Customer Testimonals

    Patt of New Plymouth


    Chere McGregor of New Plymouth

    I was referred to John by my GP after a bad fall in which I damaged my sciatic nerve

    and had also torn a muscle. I am a teacher of dance and always recommend my

    students and friends to John…he is amazing!


    Heather Relf of Waitara

    While attending John’s clinic for the treatment of arthritis, I asked him if he could treat for weight loss, as I wondered if this would help my condition. I felt that if I wasn’t carrying the extra weight, I would be able to cope with the arthritis better. All my life I have struggles with my weight – I have never been in the obese bracket but have struggle to keep under 80kg. I have tried all sorts of “diets”, exercise regimes, pills, potion but to no avail.


    Over the period of four months, I was able to reduce my weight by 12kg and I feel really great. The arthritis is much improved and I can now enjoy a good brisk walk as well as spending quality time in my garden.

    Thank you John.