• 18 NOV 14

    Customer Testimonals

    Patt of New Plymouth


    Chere McGregor of New Plymouth

    I was referred to John by my GP after a bad fall in which I damaged my sciatic nerve

    and had also torn a muscle. I was booked for surgery but instead had treatment with

    acupuncture. The result has been miraculous, surgery was cancelled and 15 years later

    I am free of the damage in my leg. I am a teacher of dance and always recommend my

    students and friends to John…he is amazing!


    Heather Relf of Waitara

    While attending John’s clink for the treatment of arthritis, I asked him if he could treat for weight loss, as I wondered if this would help my condition. I felt that if I wasn’t carrying the extra weight, I would be able to cope with the arthritis better. All my life I have struggles with my weight – I have never been in the obese bracket but have struggle to keep under 80kg. I have tried all sorts of “diets”, exercise regimes, pills, potion but to no avail.

    John assured me that acupuncture could assist with the weight loss (and in turn help with arthritis). So I started on a twice weekly course of treatments. I felt the benefits immediately- My appetite was much reduced, I had more energy and was sleeping better.

    I started each day with a protein shake (which was recommended by John) then had a normal lunch (a bowl of chicken/vegetable soup or a salad with little meat) and for the evening meal I had a big bowl, of homemade tomato soup. I was able to eliminate bread, potatoes, rice and paste from my diet and didn’t miss these. I had mouch more energy and was able to slowly increase my daily walks up to 5 kilometers as well more time in my garden.

    Over the period of four months, I was able to reduce my weight by 12kg and I feel really great. The arthritis is much improved and I can now enjoy a good brisk walk as well as spending quality time in my garden.

    This has been the easiest and most effective method of weight loss that I have tried and I would certainly recommend John’s form of acupuncture treatment

    Thank you John – your treatment really works.